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All year long I’d been looking to find The Day After Tomorrow on TV, to watch it for free, because I first saw the 2004 disaster blockbuster at the multiplex like a normal person. I was surprised to find that, in spite of its climatic timeliness, the Jakey-bear vehicle doesn’t show as much as you’d think it would.

But I digress.

I eventually did re-watch it. For free. And y’all should try to catch it or pay for it, even, because not only is The Day After Tomorrow entertaining AF, it is scientifically accessible. I can’t speak about the movie’s soundness, but it is easy to pick up what it puts down, especially now in the face of undeniable environmental inclemency.

See, I wanted re-watch the thing to sort of contextualize what’s been going on on Earth this year, last year, lately, and tap into conversations about our effects on the climate and how, maybe, we are, perhaps, at the end of one of our borrowed planet’s natural cycles. Horror stories about fire and water have been with us for millennia, after all; I mean, every culture has a few of those, and they all seem to be variations of one another.

Now, one amazing visually stimulating and tremendously informative/legit piece of fun that made me think of the movie in the first place is the Darren Aronofsky-co-produced National Geographic documentary series One Strange Rock – so check that out, too – and given that that thought begat this one, I posit a four-week movie series that doubles as an exploration of the individual works of the ensemble casts that kick off each week.

Because Earth, movie, thought magic.

The Day After Tomorrow > Demolition > The Right Stuff > Nightcrawler > The Phantom of the Opera

Bad Girls > 12 MonkeysBoys on the Side > sex, lies, and videotape > Ever After

The Upside of Anger > The Contender > thirteen > Mission: Impossible III > swimfan

Avengers: Infinity War > Girl with a Pearl Earring > Marshall > Martha Marcy May Marlene > Iron Man

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