Don’t Be a Daniel

The world is your oyster (no one said it’s your dump)

Fucking people…tossing their trash wherever they want, for all to see, for someone else to pick up.

It’s stopped cups like this one 👆🏽, and this one, and that one. It’s those nasty cigarette butts. It’s all that damn plastic. It’s all the shit that we leave behind, when we go to the park or to the beach (for serious, we are nowhere near out of the woods with this pandemic, so…if you must go out to enjoy the day outside, mind your waste, especially the littlest bits and pieces). It’s never-ending, and now, urgh, now…it’s also our PPE.

Human trash kills animals. Just ask the mama bird that picks up something out of the grass or off the sidewalk and unknowingly feeds to their baby birds something that they never should have found in the wild. Leave no trace.

Don’t be like Daniel. Or a Chung. Or a Mandy. Or a Ryan. Be better than them.

Be the change. Or, at least, try. We like it when others remember the Golden Rule, so why not just lead with that #DoMore mentality from the get-go. We see what we have done to the planet.

If we want and demand change at the global scale, then we gotta start at the local level, at home.

Earth was meant for us. Let us be grateful, and fucking responsible about our fucking to-go cups, OK.


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