The Thing About DaBaby

The thing about the DaBaby is he said something ignorant.

Look it up.

DaBaby thought he was being funny/macho/who knows (who cares), when he said what he said on stage at Rolling Loud Miami on July 25, and he wasn’t. And so Madonna took DaBaby to school for it, so what more can I say other than there is only one “Levitating” remix, and that’s Madonna’s, bitch.

To be clear, neither “[HIV/AIDS n]or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases” will “make you die in two to three weeks” – I don’t care if you are a lady whose “pussy smell like water” or a fella “sucking dick in the parking lot.” That’s not how it works, but a big thank you to DaBaby for sharing his reductive requirements and stereotypes.

Kids like DaBaby are exactly the ones we must encourage to learn, to educate themselves (I know…he’s 29 – what can you do but light the way).

The art that we are producing as a culture at this time in our story is so beyond comparison. It’s never been this authentic or palpably shifting or informational, in fact, so there is no excuse not to expand our understanding of our fellow humans’ experiences.

In this our “post”-COVID-19 pandemic world, in 2021, we gotta draw a line: You can have not known about HIV/AIDS (our most previous pandemic, which is still ongoing, btw) or You can know about HIV/AIDS (and not say stoopid shit at your show).

Unlike stupid and quite possibly COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, indeed, is not transmitted by standing next to someone in a crowd.

Gotta think before we speak, kids. Gotta learn and gotta think before we speak. And if you have any questions, just ask. This is knowledge and power one must possess IRL.

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