Further Unsolicited Advice for the Kids

For the kids, again.

Slow down.

Slow. The fuck. Way. Fucking. Down.

Meditate. There is no one way to meditate, so figure out what works for you and do it. It’s a fun time in your late teens and your twenties, I know, but you might wanna slow down, especially now, so you don’t burn out. Mindlessly going, going, going will tire you out. It’s easy to do that or get stuck when you’re not appreciating your shit more. Mindfully carrying on and moving forward – that’s the ticket. Develop good habits. Eat well and sustainably. Exercise.

I learned this in my thirties. I’m still here. Might as well share the wealth.

Do have all the fun, but slow down so that you may enjoy it all more and appreciate what you have, where you are and with whom, that much more deeply.

For sure, feel your feelings, but don’t wallow in ’em. Take it from someone who spent the last couple of days in a funk.

The light is coming.

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