A Comment Re: Nancy Pelosi’s Blowout

Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon on Monday in Cow Hollow here in San Francisco, and now the Trumpists are foaming at the mouth with what I presume is some kind of glee (these folks are in desperate need of new, healthier hobbies).

Whatever. Not like she grabbed some pussy on the way there – or like she was investigated and impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Honestly, if I roll my eyes one more time.

Look, the fact that a salon owner all the way out in Dallas, Texas, had to pipe in and offer their two cents, bless their heart, it’s like, that’s when this went from, maybe, barely being a (local) thing to much ado about nada, people. The two-time Speaker of the House of Representatives is clearly not the only one at the salon, she is being hosted (what’s next, that she broke in and entered?), and it’s not like she’s doing something that we all don’t do in this way or another. It’s called the privilege of being who you are where and when you are (even, especially, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, to which so many have helped none, including the orange hemorrhoid in the White House).

Yeah, this offends me, because I know what’s going on in her San Francisco, in our San Francisco (problems that we didn’t court – but here we have ’em), but it certainly doesn’t concern, trouble, or worry me as much as what happened to [INSERT NAME OF SLAIN BLACK PERSON HERE] or what that 17-year-old whigilante did in Kenosha, Wisc., OK (I heard dem hoofbeats a long time ago). Or what Lori Loughlin did, for that matter.

Nancy Pelosi went to get a blowout for your asses. For your entertainment. To be taken  “seriously.” From what little we have seen, seems like she’s healthy, and like she went into that salon alone with her stylist, and like about half of y’all with your panties in a bunch don’t care to wear your fucking masks in public, anyway, so there goes that moral high ground.

Slippery, huh. (That’s because we got bigger fish to fry.)

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