You In, Right?

Wherever you are around the globe, do celebrate America’s National Voter Registration Day by streaming this Amazon Prime Video doc, free of charge (today only), and join the conversation (but remember the Golden Rule)


It’s National Voter Registration Day, people.

Alright, look alive, people – c’mon. Get! (We’ve had this discussion.) Register to vote.

And Happy Birthday, kids!

Oh, kids. I’m sure this time is totally not what you expected it was gonna be, but such is life. This is such a moment, though…history in the making. Be a part of it by voting on Nov. 3. We can live for the day and look ahead at what’s coming with eyes wide open, ready- ’n’-steady hands, and hearts that are open, yes we can. I mean, who really wants another four years of daily brainwashing and weaponized cultural animosity and embarrassment on the world stage and fear mongering on our streets, which, you know know what our streets could use: Rich people tax money.

Register to vote. Take the trash out. Vote early, when you can. Vote. It’s your right. It’s in your best interest.

And don’t forget to respond to the 2020 U.S. Census. If they count you they cannot deny you, así que respondan al Censo no más, sin miedo. Y voten – por la democracia, por La Raza.

Let’s all step into the Light, already.

I would so get my “I Voted” sticker, if I could, and I would cast my vote as a naturalized citizen in the name of equality (ahem, so why didn’t Mitch McConnell rush like his pants were on fire to move the Equality Act through for a vote, I dunno, any time during last few years, anyway, the way he’s tripping over his waddles to show us what a racist hypocrite he really is…), and of dignified, sensical immigration policies, and of enriching our educational and healthcare programs, for a change, and of much-need sociocultural alternative acts. Alas, for now, I may only encourage you all who can vote to vote.

They’ve already suppressed so many Americans’ vote. Don’t let them take away yours, too. Vote.

Vote him out. He got impeached, anyway.

And hey, speaking of rich people and companies that don’t pay taxes, Amazon Prime Video is streaming the voting-rights documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy, featuring dynamo Stacey Abrams from Georgia, to audiences globally, without the need for a Prime membership. The doc will be in front of the Prime Video paywall for 24 hours, in an effort to drive the urgency and importance of voter registration. It also will be available on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, making it widely available and accessible to anyone curious about WTF is going on with the election in America (she has come undone). Btw, Abrams is hosting a (free) watch party on Twitter with Lin-Manuel Miranda starting at 16:00 PT.

And now you know.

Voting is fun!

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