Loving Us Was Red

Heed the warning, give peace a chance. The time is right now, but we still got time. San Francisco, 9.9.20. 12:08

Earth is showing us her true colors today. Just in time for the 2020 season.

Waking up to this red this morning was something. Today is something. It’s something new. It – a combination of that good ol’ Bay Area fog and like, trapped smoke, from the wildfires that have been burning this month out here in Northern California, per Madam Mayor London Breed – is a new reality. This is how WALL-E happens. We overproduce environmental waste, it gets stuck in our atmosphere, the haves go to space to get fat.

The West Coast is on fire. Look it up. While the air quality here in San Francisco today, right now, isn’t as 😲 as it looks, there is ash in the air. It is falling. And there are still people out there on the streets, breathing and living all of this shit while some people relish in their denial of a very clear and present new reality. There are more people out there everywhere, falling or about to fall into chronic homelessness, which leads to fewer choices and poorer health and continued cycles of abuse. But, please, Karen, tell me more about how you think climate change is a hoax while you show us your doctor’s note exempting your precious ass from the public-health mask guideline.

I am besotted by this sight, and grateful that we are sheltered. And but of course I cannot help but connect the dots between this type of enduring human misbehavior and the day before us.

Everything has changed. Climate change is real (it was real all along). We had a moment, an afternoon or two like this, two Novembers ago, when we could party like we were 22. This today has been going on all day. This today is a new intensity. Don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never experienced such a thing. Like, ever.

There is red on Earth’s face today. All – well, not all – because a couple of assholes had to have a gender reveal party. I know it sounds super-made up, but GTS. Congrats, you morons – it’s a sweet whogivesafuck.

But who pays the piper? All of us. We knew this was coming. We knew all too well.

Burning red. The Earth has spoken. We have been warned.

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