The Schkarenfreude Is

You have to admit, the schkarenfreude – you can do it…just put your lips together and go: the sch-karen-freude – is hilarious.

It could all be so simple, but y’all rather make it so gosh darn hard. You get what you give, America, so come correct or you will leave unbalanced, because it is comeuppance o’clock, and in San Francisco, too, OK. Just ask Lisa Alexander (and her husband, Robert Larkin), who thought she could keep karening out of control through her privileged life, NBD (no consequences, ever), until she got checked (what…was going through Larkin’s mind, when Alexander decided to get all up in the business of James Juanillo, a Filipino Pacific Heights resident she did not know, who early in June was going about his day, stenciling “Black Lives Matter” on his property in deference to a moment and in solidarity with a movement her whiteness will never truly understand – I mean…birds of a feather that couple). Same with that Chad from SoMA, William Beasley: What…was going on in his head, when he decided to lose his entitled shit on Michael Barajas, a Mexican-American UC Berkeley alumnus and medical-field professional he did not know, who a week ago simply was trying to drive into his building’s garage and get home.

I am glad the caucacity is being called out. I am here for it – I been on it – for, when you don’t check yourself (and this applies to white, brown, black, yellow, green, maroon, purple, whatever…certainly, orange), you leave others no other option than to check you. Just ask Donald “the Impeached” Trump, and do not, for one second, get it twisted: Just because he has perverted the law and order of the United States of America to suit his whims (or those of his master), that does not mean you can be an asshole (totally makes you one, though).

The schkarenfreude has been a long time coming. It is a necessary part of this reckoning. And it is a riot…of laughs.

Keep going. By all means, keep going.

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