From a Pal of the Pink Triangle

This year’s installation will be illuminated and on view through July 10 Twin Peaks, 6.25.20

Later tonight, San Francisco’s Pink Triangle is gonna shine.

Pink Triangle Silver Jubilee Trivia Alert! For the first time in its 25-year history, and on account of the many restrictions and cancellations brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, and in true the-show-must-go fashion, the annual tradition has gotten a special makeover and its showcase has been extended well after Pride. Indeed, this year, the acre-sized Pink Triangle will be illuminated, by Illuminate, the same nonprofit group that once upon a time made lights twinkle and dance on the Bay Bridge, with the installation scheduled to come down on July 10. (Give what you can when you can!)

Alongside a friend, and Patrick Carney (one of the co-founders of the public-art display and the founder of its commemoration ceremonies) and other volunteers (who have participated in this community initiative a few, 15, 23 years), a couple of days ago I helped to roll and stake a couple of pink sailcloth vectors down a hillside on Twin Peaks (I felt like Christo), the sun on our backs and Karl the Fog all up and around us, to form that beloved, iconic V you know and anticipate every end of June.

You are so welcome. Thank y’all.

Thank all who bled and led.

So yeah, starting tonight, within that V will shine 2,700 LED nodes set to pink light, to serve as a reminder (and warning) of the historical, criminal, deadly oppression the queer community has endured and continues to endure here, there, everywhere, as well as a symbol of our resilience, our power and pride. Enjoy it. Reflect on it.

And remember: You’re free. To do what you want to do. You know it: 🎧➡️Pride MMXX.

Happy Pride, everybody!

One 🌎, one ❤️.

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