It has been 150 days (a little more than that for some of us) of self-isolation, of quarantining, of living in a state of emergency – whatever you wanna call it – and of systemic and willfully ignorant failures by governments (and overprivileged peoples), but also of of self-realizations and revolution. Thanks, COVID-19!

As of today, in the United States of America there have been more than 5.2 million cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus and, at least, 165,834 Americans have died from the disease, for which, lest you forgot, there’s still no cure or viable vaccine.

Hospitalizations in the Bay Area are trending down, thank goodness. Meanwhile, across the country, Florida has lost 8,765 residents to this virus (which did not die when the weather got summery, as some Covidiots had suggested, clearly unaware of like, the Earth’s hemispheres and seasons work), and down in Peru, confirmed cases are knock-knock-knocking on the 490,000 mark, with 21,501 deaths on the record.

Only we the people, each one of us, can stop the spread of COVID-19. Make yourself scarce, and, when you can’t or won’t do that, wear your masks. Good humor and good will – that’s what this non-doctor is prescribing.

Not your cup o’ tea? By all means, keep going. We’ll be here.

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