That’s the Ticket!

Photo: @kamalaharris/Instagram

It’s gonna be Biden-Harris FTW come Nov. 3, America – so vote or die alongside western democracy at the hands of the Trumps and their masters and their terroristical MAGA Nation.

Think of Lady Liberty.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, indeed, has chosen Kamala Harris, the junior senator from California, to be his running mate in the race for POTUS this election cycle. Harris, a lawyer and former two-time attorney general of the Golden State, had thrown her name in the hat for the POTUS position last year, but ultimately suspended her campaign last December.

A native of Oakland across the Bay, Harris is a daughter of immigrants, who graduated from Howard University, then earned her JD at UC Hastings College of Law here in San Francisco. This is such a moment. She is the first Black and Indian-American woman – happy to repeat it: American as can be, a daughter of immigrants!) to be tapped as the running mate of a major American political party’s presidential candidate, and only the third woman to be nominated to work alongside an American president as VP. As we saw during the Democratic primary debates that ultimately led to this watershed moment, she is a formidable force, and she obviously has plenty to offer to our culture, the nation, and the world. Her story is the story of this country.

Change is here. An adjustment, a correction. Change by whatever you name you like the best, it’s here.

Progress is coming (back). We are gonna get it together.

Harris is ready, willing, and, able, and she is committed to usher in a new day for this country.

Let’s make this happen. We need leaders who know what they are doing and who understand that the future is right now (and we are late and ill-prepared for the party, which is heating up). California is on fire again, and it is raging out there. We have had some weather the last 10 days.

As we continue to exacerbate and accelerate global warming and climate change with our greedy and narrow-minded ways (the worst), I am confident Sen. Harris will be able to expand the scope of the conversation surrounding these issues and the impacts that are coming our way everywhere in terms of environmental refugees and infrastructural preparedness. Because her perspective is Made in California, baby, and she knows.

This is a 🔥 ticket. I’m getting the T-shirt and the pin. Already got a hat.

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