Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Photo: @dualipa/Instagram

Some negative Nancies be like….

But I am so here for the Blessed Madonna’s remix of Dua Lipa’s “Levitating,” a song off of the Best New Artist Grammy-winning English singer’s COVID-19-proof, after all, sophomore effort, Future Nostalgia, because it is a fire ride.

Fiya, I tell ya.


Featuring Madonna and, skrrt, Missy Elliott, the track is a bridge between the Queen of Pop and new generation and a younger demo. So represent, already! And recognize that Lipa – who is basically on the record with her love and admiration for M and for her Best Electronic/Dance Album Grammy-winning Confessions on a Dance Floor– was wise and pop-erly schooled enough to check and see whether the one and only herself would like to come out and play.

In other words, bow, bitches.

This remix is a trip, a cosmic and cheeky and metaphysical, especially at this particular moment, like, sonic hootenanny that easily transports and self-assuredly celebrates the bold earnestness of the ’80s and dusts it with whatever light magic 2020 still actually has got left for us. Clocking at basically an extra minute than the original song, the track (the lead off Lipa’s Club Future Nostalgia remix album – also featuring a Mark Ronson remix of “Hallucinate” with Gwen Stefani – that drops on Aug. 28) is sticky, it is sweet.

It’s a summer sugarboo, so get into the groove.

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