Your Zebras, America

Happy New Year.

I can see it and yet, I barely believe it: America’s democracy is under siege, by Donald “the Impeached” Trump’s terroristical MAGA Nation, which this morning did as told and took the United States Capitol (like, the heart of Washington, D.C.); at best, to interrupt the certification of the 2020 win of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, at worst to…. Well, people are dead and hurt. It doesn’t get any worse.

He fucking did it: Trump whistled and a mob of his most willing not-so-lone wolves responded foaming at the mouth.

I warned ya about dem hoofbeats. I told you. People like me have been telling ya. But, yeah, nah…some of y’all are still appropriating mahjong and shit, too busy to do the work or be consistent about your presumed enlightenment. Letting cops who kill Black men and women and people of color off all the time (just yesterday justice was not served in the Aug., 23, Kenosha, Wisc., officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake), with tacit and implicit impunity.

Breathe. Change is coming.

Buck up. Have a cookie. Let’s keep going.

Good news first: Down in Georgia, the people of the Peach State put the 🍑 into Donald Trump’s (first) impeachment, alright (he must be impeached again after what he pulled today – fire his fat ass, and make sure he and his can never show their phony white faces in D.C. ever again), when they turned it up for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock. Well done! Come Jan. 21, America, you will be looked after by a winning, dynamo Democratic ticket, a Democratic House, and a Democratic Senate.

Fuck yeah!

Shit. Is gonna. Get done. You’ll see.

We the people, who are rooted in reality and moved toward empathy and communion and joy, understand there’s a big bad fear in the air. It is a rot. More challenging, even, than the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. It is toxic and it is contagious, this fear.

Time to let it go, ’cause not today, assholes. Not today, not ever.

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