What Can You Do, You Ask?

Pick up a book about our experience – any book by one of us – and as many more about the history of America the nation and America the continent because ethnocentrism is so over. When you limit yourself, you end up limiting others (and ya have, so quit it). Learn about our cultures and backgrounds, just as we’ve adopted, embraced, and celebrated yours. Don’t make it harder for us to get, do, or hold on to a job. Stop making assumptions about us, already. Wanna make fun of us? You first. Get out of our way, and step to our side; let’s walk together, for a change. Check your privilege. Sharing is caring. Be an active force. Use an active voice. Go in peace and spread joy. Shine a light. Shine your light. Spice up your life. Authentically invest in your community – in us, with us, in – and our common future: all the kids. That way, you’ll stop asking what you can do and you’ll be telling us what you did and what you know. Own your shit, get therapy (we all need to talk about our feelings and explore who we are with a qualified caregiver, because America’s PTSD is real), relax, already, and get to know us. We know y’all like turkey; now, come to one of our parties, quit appropriating ’em as an excuse to get drunk. We can talk about the Equality Act.

We cannot forget the Equality Act. Or to vote in (y)our best interest on Nov. 3, OK. Remember: No more racist con artists.

No more politics as a ladder to climb. If you want to be of service right now, like, really break the cycle, be of service. Get in, do it, try to do it, and get out. Same goes to all the career politicians everywhere. Democracy is not to be conquered.

You know what, keep asking how you can help until your eyes are wide open.

Demand that things get set right. Don’t be a PWB. Use that active voice I mentioned earlier. Use your privilege.

Use your power.

George Floyd was killed by four Minneapolis cops on Memorial Day, nine bloody days ago. It took four days for the main perp to be arrested and charged and this long for charges to be filed against the other three cops involved in his killing.

What kind of justice is this, nine days….

Indeed, only today were the other three charged with aiding and abetting second-degree unintentional murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. Meanwhile, the officer who knelt on the back of Floyd’s neck for a nation-galvanizing 8 minutes and 46 seconds and who initially received soft third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter charges, has been supplementally slapped with an upgraded second-degree unintentional murder charge. His original charges stand, all to say that right now that means that fucking psycho is theoretically looking at somewhere between 12 and 26 years in prison.

Use your power to demand better. Listen – if you wanna follow this case, mute everything else and simply keep up with Benjamin Crump, Esq., the nationally renowned civil-rights attorney working with the legal team advocating for George Floyd and with his family – and use your voice with the passion of one thousand Karens to ensure justice is served at long last.

Get loud. Be mad, but get loud. Be mad, learn and listen, and get loud.

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