Pandemic Peeps: Massimo Giusti

As the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by a novel and deadly coronavirus that spread out of China during the winter months, has us looking at Month 4 of a generalized global shutdown, a situation that recently showed signs of potential improvement but has now been compounded by America’s racism, I thought I’d check in on some of the people I’ve met along the way, my community.

I have lived in three cities across two countries in both hemispheres. I kinda need to know what is up over everywhere, OK.

Perché le cose sono difficile.

And we carry on. Insieme.

Massimo Giusti ❌ King of Cups
Photo: @mrbomboloni/Instagram

Massimo Giusti, a.k.a. Mister Bomboloni, è un amico and a fellow immigrant (he’s from Lucca, Italy), who’s also living and loving and working in San Francisco, celebrating his heritage and family recipes, making the City by the Bay’s favorite bomboloni – by hand! – for the Bay Area to enjoy…. I caught up with Massimo to see how he’s been managing this moment.

King of Cups: How have you been doing this season of self-isolation?

Massimo Giusti: It’s been good having time to take a break from the working-life routine, even if forced by current events. It feels as if we’ve been given a “reset,” somehow…an opportunity to reassess our way to live.

King of Cups: How are things with the family and your business?

Massimo Giusti: My family is all back in Italy, and I am so thankful everyone is healthy. [Mr. Bomboloni] is currently closed, but I am positive, and I hope to reopen soon. [Mr. Bomboloni is planning a pop-up coming up soon in Cole Valley, so do stay tuned for the Insta-details.]

King of Cups: Looking within, what trait do you feel has helped you carry on the most?

Massimo Giusti: I grew up learning different things. My grandpa always said, “Impara l’arte e mettila da parte,” which means, “Learn the art and put it to the side.” Meaning, learn as much you can because later, you could need it. I believe this is what helps me the most daily, and especially in this situation of self-isolation at home. So with not much to do I found my self able to cook, tend bar, bake, garden, repair things, etc. If you want to, there is always something to do or learn.

King of Cups: What have you noticed is most needed in your community?

Massimo Giusti: Respect, from people to people, from people to nature. With it you fix 90 percent of community needs.

King of Cups: What do you hope will be the takeaway from this moment?

Massimo Giusti: Same as above.

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