TreasureFest Postcard

From Treasure Island with Love, Martin Haro

It was a day to bundle up and head out to Treasure Island to get bomboloni from Mister Bomboloni, San Franciscos.

See. It’s not all doom and gloom over here….

Couldn’t make it today, San Franciscos? Then, head out to get bomboloni from Mister Bomboloni tomorrow, hostless-Oscars Sunday, and pick up some treats for dem Oscars parties. They may not have a host, but you’ll be thanking the Academy for….

Nah, you’ll be thanking my friend, Mister Bomboloni, a fellow immigrant (he’s from Lucca, Italy, a beautiful place you gotta add to your travel list), who’s also living and loving and working in the City by the Bay, celebrating his heritage and family recipes, making dem bomboloni – by hand! – for us to enjoy.


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