Nothing to say. Good show.

Remove the ego, everything gets a little clearer.

A show is a show. And this show used to be the show. Back when we didn’t jump to a reaction that could be massively shared, we’d roll our eyes and turn to the person next to us to ask if something had just happened or if someone had just said that. It was a moment that led to another, and then, it was over.

Now the shit goes on and on and on. Urgh. Boring.

But this show’s not boring. Winners gotta edit themselves. Bask in the moment, take the moment, glow in it, be in it, but people gotta edit themselves. OMGwyneth, tell me how you liked working on the movie, not how many people work for you or worked for you. With you, next to you, whatever. Y’all know, y’all relate.

No host. It works.

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