You guys – they just want attention.

You know who they are: We see these folks acting the fools every single day, and a large mob of ’em recently took over the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Oh, for sure, sometimes, we are the asshole – but, fingers crossed, the moment passes you by, too, and it doesn’t become a part of your personality, your thing, doesn’t make ya forget yourself or take part in a fucking insurrection.

Why is Gayle King paying consequence to that awful SoHo Karen, Miya Ponsetto, who, did a bad, bad thing in New York City but actually lives in L.A. (Five minutes after Christmas, NYPD had to fly out detectives to California to coordinate the arrest of this 22-year-old woman, who allegedly/caught-on-video profiled a 14-year-old Black boy named Keyon Harrold Jr. over a fucking phone that she had misplaced – even though she more than likely knew there was a warrant for her arrest, because I saw video of TMZ telling her as much, OK). You know the story by now. So again I ask: Why is Gayle King wasting her time and like, trying to reason with that nitwit. That lil’ Karen’s clearly a wannabe influencer – yeah, of asshole.

Let’s stop playing their game, OK. They’ve gotten plenty of attention now, and it’s done them zero good. These people are out there, buying into wild conspiracy theories and shit, getting in their own way and that of the world’s, instead of elevating themselves and theirs. It’s like…enough.

What are they so angry about, anyway? They all look well fed, and they have access to cars and to airplane tickets, and to nice things like phones.

They got our attention now. The time for a reality check is right now.

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