Dear Caitlyn Jenner (et al.)

So you wanna be governor of California? 


And your taxes, please.

We are all well aware here in America that the rich and the big corporations, and, of course, the common con, possibly, more than likely do not pay their fair share o’ taxes. And guess what, California, and thus Ms. Jenner and her hangar bud, too: it shows, it really does, when the rich don’t pay dem taxes. It shows on our streets.

We are vulnerable here in the Golden State, all of us one moment away from ending up on the street, too. We seem to forget a lot of us would have a real tough-titty time should the earth decide to quake som’in’ fierce any ol’ day, and, to quote the great Tinsley Mortimer, it is going to be our end and our detriment.

Cait, dear, I appreciate ya. Good for you. But make no mistake, while you’ve been realizing your best self – and oddly denying younger others coming down the same road a chance to thrive (because “it just isn’t fair”…that you didn’t get the opportunity?) – the lot of us have been playing a zero-sum game. 

The score may never even out, but the least the likes Jenner can do is get out the way of serious public servants, for there is a lot of crucial, serious, work to do. And quit scapegoat-accusing the homeless for the state’s woes or whatever. What a classist way to run a campaign to work to the people.

Know this, California et al., in particular those that $omehow vibe like Cait: The last time we fell for a smooth talker, who scape-accused a group of “others” for the situation in the country, we ended up with four years of a twice-impeached wannabe regime that resulted in Jan. 6, 2021. Voting “No” on the upcoming Sept. 14 is also a vote against that type and level of entitlement.

Dammit, Cait. Stick to making pasta on YouTube. Dang. Stick to your lane…and keep it safe.

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