Dare Greatly, America

The second impeachment of Donald “the Impeached” Trump can go ahead, for a trial is Constitutional. The U.S. Senate voted on it, OK…56-44, with six Republicans growing a spine and joining all 50 members of the Democratic caucus.

For the ultimate in white privilege (oh, that’s right…), can you believe there was a debate? That some people are still defending him and his actions, wanting to exculpate him like he is an untouchable.

Did we miss a memo?

We all know who and what that man is, and what he and his are all about, and good for them, but, yeah, no…never again. Go ahead, America, and be bold. Make history. Show that cunt and his every barnacunt – as well as your ol’ friend, the world – that your pussy is not up for grabs, after all.

The time for self-respect is now. The Year of the Ox is like, here, America, you little Fire Monkey. Lean into it, baby.

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