San Francisco, 6.1.20: The Pursuit of Happiness

Lunch before editing.

Look here, it’s June 1, 2020. We know what needs to change – the entire world sees it. Here, there, everywhere. This system that discriminates, rapes and pillages, sickens, and shortchanges our brothers and sisters, you, me, it’s got to get an upgrade. Today.

It doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked, except for those sitting comfy at the top, say, ordering that the Amazon burn or looking away, when people of color get brutally killed on the street – when clearly unfit white police officers get away with murder. Everybody, take care, stay safe. These aren’t weird times or end of time. This is a break-through-or-break-down moment.

Light is all around us. See it. Seek it. Be it.

Watch out for one another.

Namaste, bitches – let’s salute the divine within one another, already. Pride is every day.

Earth and the United States of America get further away from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness every day Donald Trump the Impeached remains in office (ditto all the dictators that that fucking orange hemorrhoid admires and aspires to emulate). We all know who he is, what he’s really about and what he, his, and his regime have done and are doing (we really should talk more, too, about what he hasn’t delivered or striven to prevent…COVID-19, cough, cough), and that he wants more (and who is the boss, anyway?). He cannot have more. Who needs four more years of that hot mess.

It’s time for truth and justice, only then can there be reconciliation. Respect recognizes respect. Plus, I don’t know about you, but it feels like something’s heating up on Earth – do you really wanna leave with a Trump at the helm.

Let’s get it together, and let’s get to work. Democracy is ongoing, and there is plenty to do right now.

I took my sweet-ass time (25 minutes) to make a sandwich today. Lucky me.

Please, take 25 minutes to do something that brings you a joy, whomever you are, wherever you are. Joy was making this sandwich, and giving thanks to the chain of people who made it possible for me to make this sandwich. Joy was knowing an election is coming on Nov. 3. Vote. Joy was realizing there seems to be an incredible amount of effort going into silencing and intimidating us. Good. That means they’re taking us seriously. They know they can’t get away with it forever. The future is ours. Let joy be the objective.

Take 25 minutes to make a sandwich or repot some plants, to draw or paint, to put some extra oomph into your intention at work or with your family and friends. When joy is the objective, when joy is closer to you and you are closer to it, you can help spread it. Never forget who you are.

I’m someone who made a sandwich today, and wished joy upon my home.

Lift every voice and sing, America. Somos todos libres. Seámoslo siempre.

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