Oakland, 4.1.21

We do our part, we carry on

Half us at home got scheduled for today for a COVID-19 vaccine, so today my beloved got his Johnson & Johnson shot. (I’m a Pfizer bitch.) Someway, somehow he was offered an early evening appointment at Oakland Coliseum, so we hit the road for a joyride.

And what a joy it was….

They meant business

To see, so many folks pulling up to do their part to get this pandemic in the books and off the streets (too many people have died because we kept spreading the shit, and fighting about masks, and insurrecting like actual sheeple….)

This is about joy, this is about joy, this is about joy.

There is a more humane way to be a human on this planet, and this 👈🏽☝🏽❤️👉🏽👇🏽 is it.

What a joy it was to feel, for a zig-zagging moment, a palpable sense of empathetic human community.

Thank you, vaccination-site workers!

It was a joy to see the masked, yet no-less friendly faces of a veritable village of volunteers, and the National Guard beautifully guarding the nation, helping us to navigate a sight-to-see maze of bright orange traffic cones we even managed to avoid by virtue of our so-set appointment, honey. Talk about lucky stars. We golden.

We learned the crews working the day that day saw and vaccinated some 6,000 peeps. Well done, Bay Area!

So what a joy it was, alright, to be there on this particular occasion, at Oakland Coliseum (OK, the parking lot) for the very first time, a site of so much pride and joy (the field – you know what I mean).

What a time to be alive, huh.

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