Shot, Shot, Shot

A year and 11 days after we hunkered down for a quick two-week quarantine to ride out the global COVID-19 pandemic, I received the first of my two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. And then, I had pizza and apple pie.

I could not be more grateful, a la vida que me ha dado tanto. Sitting here pretty where I am, I am so grateful. Surprised/not surprised, yet thoroughly thankful.

And it was over began I knew it’d happened, too; less than two breaths.

“Are you nervous?” the jabber at the Walgreens on Powell & Sutter, where I managed to snag a vaccine appointment through the Walgreens app, asked right before she gave me my shot.

“More excited than nervous,” I started to say, again, before it was all over and done.

“Glad to be here, you know.”

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