The Onions

So there might be salmonella in the onions (and listeria in some citrus) – so you might wanna check in with your local grocer and/or rid your home of the aforementioned produce, should you have it on hand.

Fucking A, the hits they keep on comin’, huh.

Last week, while volunteering with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank in Chinatown, to pack and distribute grocery items, I heard about the salmonella in the onions, and that we should be worried, very worried about it. “If it’s in the onions, then it’s the water that’s dirty,” I overheard a volunteer a few feet behind me down the pack line say.

Water, clean waterways, an honored environment have been a concern of mine for a while now, chiefly in regard to our casual disregard – look at what happened in Beirut – to it all that we consume, as well as what we dump on the planet, and what we know big companies are dumping all over it, and what every dummy with a ciggie dumps in it. Also, mine is a water sign, so I have an affinity.

I’m sure our onions are fine (good thing I do not care much for them). Know this: In my happy experience, when a grocery store hears som’in’ is up with a product (or their workers see or feel of smell something not up to snuff or squishy or off), they pull it immediately. It’s so sad and disheartening, when it’s a total loss, because of the chain. We waste so much, the least we could (and can!) do is ensure we’re appreciating and defending all the good effort that goes into surviving on this planet and la Pachamama. It is a gift, not ours to trifle with.

Earth has been here. We are here only as long as we are and then, poof. We gone.

Why poison ourselves and Mother Nature. It makes zero sense.

The joke will be on us – at this point, yeah, quite possible us-us (have you looked around and seen what’s been popping off left and right lately…and considered why or why no one is ever held accountable?) – so we best do everything in our power today to heal ourselves and our shared kingdom double-pronto.

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