How Earth Heals

At the global onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wuhan, China, went into self-isolation, into quarantine, as did the rest of the area, and the infamous pollution that usually blankets the vast Chinese land began to dissipate.

Roughly two weeks later, the rain we expected and awaited all winter around the Bay Area finally has begun to fall. (And I hope that the Chinese and the rest of the Asian continent – everyone, really – is enjoying this moment in the clear. Noticing it, at least.)

Now, I am not a scientist and I don’t play one on TV, but as we all take a step back from our lives and business as usual and our fucked-up cultural priorities, let’s watch how the Earth heals itself, and let’s consider the butterfly effect of our individual actions so far on the planet, and witness, for a change, and admire how our forced, yet better, more conscious practices begin to contribute, if not freely with less interference, to natural harmony. Why would we not want to?

We take natural harmony for granted.

How many species have we driven to extinction so far during our time as temporary managers of this third rock from the Sun, this incomprehensible, yet fascinating gift. This thing called life, and this planet that – how lucky are we! – supports it. Each time we kill a living thing on this Earth, we kill a part of ourselves.

We are all connected.

Let’s stop killing ourselves.

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