MMXXIami: The Playlist

Photo: Martin Haro.

Just the other day I was out in MMXXIami, having a daydream of Hollywood – of Hollywood, Fla. Of a chill place I’m calling Hollyweed.

I saw green. I thought of hemp, hospitality, and mixology. Of possibility.

Then, I woke up the boss of my reality and kept hoping. I just kept hoping.

If Madonna calls.

On dit que le destin se moque bien the nous.

They’ll like the smell of it in Hollyweed, I figured in 🎧➡️MMXXIami.

  1. This Feeling
  2. gold rush
  3. If Madonna Calls (X Beat Mix)
  4. Bitch Better Have My Money
  5. LLC
  6. 10 %
  7. Happy Dreamer
  8. Turn Up the Radio
  9. Dearly Departed
  10. Don’t Stop
  11. I Feel Love (12” Version)
  12. Number 1
  13. Super Bass
  14. champagne problems
  15. Jungle
  16. Kingfisher
  17. Solar Power
  18. telepatía
  19. El Amor Después del Amor
  20. Pies Descalzos, Sueños Blancos
  21. End Game
  22. The Night Is Still Young
  23. Amazing
  24. Sunshine
  25. Changes
  26. Don’t Wait
  27. Lighters Up
  28. Pure Shores
  29. Sideways
  30. Bitch I’m Madonna (Flechette Remix)
  31. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
  32. Busy Earnin’
  33. California Dreamin’
  34. Maps
  35. Metro Phenomenon
  36. Plainsong
  37. Echoes
  38. I’m Gonna Get You
  39. Quelqu’un m’a dit
  40. Miami
  41. The Best Is Yet to Come
  42. Beach2k20
  43. Take Me In Your Arms
  44. True Love, Pt. 2
  45. Vivir Mi Vida
  46. Hollywood
  47. Like a Virgin/Hollywood

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