Live on, Lewis

Look Above You, Look Beyond You, Martin Haro

Oh, Lewis the koala.

We are going to run out of time and out of life before we run out of matches.

Science – the factual chance based on two millennia of experience that we as humans have to try to understand the mysteries of Earth – posits that we (still?) can help reverse our greedy/grubby effect on our environment. Now, I don’t know that we have a say in the matter, that the planet isn’t heating up because that’s what it was always gonna do, but I do know that we are spoiled AF – getting Thai rice far away from Thailand all friggin’ year long or strawberries and blueberries, organic and non, every single day of the week (the seasons and harvests be damned), and needing wanting and producing more and more plastics, and demanding more and more from our soils – and that, if we don’t cut the shit out, we are gonna have no one but ourselves to hold accountable for the pain we will endure as a species for not having prepared. Prevention time is over. We screwed the pooch. We thought the party was going to go on forever, didn’t we.

It’s not.

We are not adequately preparing for the flood, and we are purposely burning our rainforest because business. Fuck, years ago, Rick Scott, then the governor of Florida, went and banned language related to global warming and climate change. Education on those topics, and in general, while we are on the subject? Not necessarily championed – not now and, historically, democratically, and vitally not equally or timely prioritized for all the populations of the United States of America.

Biblists, please, put the good book down, and look👏🏽around👏🏽ya. A literal flood is nigh. One for which scientists can help you prepare. Trust, there aren’t any chosen ones coming to save the collective us, let alone your ass – no matter what any questionable former governor (another Rick…Perry)-turned-crap dancer-on-Dancing with the Stars tells ya.

Beware false prophets. And look around ya. Ask around ya. Welcome around ya. Yes, check dem people, too (sometimes, it simply must be done), but don’t let anyone fool ya. Learn something (at this stage in the game, unless you truly don’t have the resources, there’s no excuse for ignorance). The answers we all seek are well within our reach.

Look above you. Look beyond you. And no more Ricks.

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