We Watch What Happens Now

The invasion of Ukraine, what we are witnessing Putin do, and what Republicans are doing stateside, like what Florida Republicans just “accomplished” with the whole “Don’t Say Gay” thing, it’s like, hello: You all see the through line between homegrown American censorship and selective personhood erasures and the Russian brand of warmongering authoritarianism. Right?

Let’s not forget, as the 24/7 news cycle diet cuts back on COVID but double downs on the Internet’s first war and the world’s third, that we have very real issues to deal with in our communities, as well as many, many, very real and practical options to improve matters – to say nothing of the necessary, clamoring cultural shifts and adjustments that are already in motion this 21st century.

We watch what happens now. What an era.

Eras change. I trust the Adjustment will lead to the Awakening.

One 🌎, one ❤️.

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