A Comment Re: Julián Castro

What I like about [Julián Castro] is that he is offering all of us a voice and a perspective, a cultural point of view, that has been missing in the conversation and in representation, at this level and down the line. I find him to be unapologetically himself, and that means some of us in the audience might wince or recoil from something so innocuous as his delivery. I wouldn’t wanna go after the vice president or anyone, for that matter (I’d favor a more subdued production altogether), but some things need to be said and some of us say them a lot differently than they have been. That is all. This isn’t a high school popularity contest. This is not a drill. Wake up, people. Stay the course, Julián. ✌🏽❤️✊🏽 🇵🇪❌🇺🇸❌🏝❌🌉

To this, a comment I left under a video posted by Castro’s campaign following the latest presidential debate (more like, the latest hot takes-and-spin sesh), I would add only that Vice President Joe Biden is gonna be fine. He’s a grown man and he’s perfectly capable of standing up for himself and of weathering any storm, propia o ajena, whether in life or in a teacup.

Just ask Anita Hill.

Biden can take the questioning. He can be challenged. He should be.

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