442K/26.3M(+) x usa

As some of us begin to see our communities re-re-re-open this COVID-19 season, let us remember that one person’s moment of quote-unquote freedom almost 11 months into our ongoing global pandemic is barely another’s second-wave cuarentena.

Four hundred forty-two thousand Americans have died from this ever-evolving pest, OK, of course to say nothing of the willful ignorance that has stubbornly surrounded the subject of the great not-so-novel-anymore coronavirus of 2020, out of more than 26 million infected, and millions more in family and friends affected. Now factor in the unfortunate tallies from India, and from Brazil, and from the U.K., and from Russia…. Close to 104 million humans around the world have caught COVID-19, with virus claiming more than 2.2 million without too much rhyme or enough reason.

Habemus vaccine – but truth is (and everybody knowns) we ain’t got much of a plan to roll out doses fairly or effectively quite just yet. So we do as we have, and we carry on, masks on and full of good humor and good will – or we try. And then, we shine.

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