San Francisco, 10.2.21

Photo: Martin Haro.
The 7 Doights/7 Fingers performing a preview of ‘Dear San Francisco’ at Club Fugazi in North Beach. San Francisco, 10.2.21, 20:08:58

Madame X vibes last night at @clubfugazisf for preview show 11 of “#DearSanFrancisco,” a high-flying love letter to the #CitybytheBay by @the7fingers, an awesome international troupe full of stars.

@madonna’s “#MadameXTour” was the last show we enjoyed pre-COVID. How appropriate to get back to it with this performance, a celebration of dance, gymnastics, and human movement and expression, which was beyond-exhilarating, reassuring, and oh-so-special.

You can’t make this shit up: Life is a circle.

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