Untitled Playlist for After the Pandemic

Photo: Martin Haro.

It’s time. Time to get vaccinated, time to keep smart and wear our masks among large crowds of people we do not know, especially indoors.

Time to enjoy a little music.

I put together this Untitled Playlist for After the Pandemic a few months into the pandemic, ’round the time we were hitting peak baking time (bread! birthday cakes! cookies that I’ve yet to master). OMGwyneth, remember that time, when we all were motivated to flatten the curve and prevent the death of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors by not continuing to spread the COVID-19 novel coronavirus around the world. Raise your hand, alright, if you felt that good ol’ human frequency that connects us. 🙌🏽

I put it together because at the time I knew that one day, Moda, Ibiza, we’d be out this jam. Stronger.

We have proven that it’s a long way, and some of us will drive all night. So that’s good.

Dale a tu cuerpo alegría, everyone. And dance like it’s a year ago and you had hope.

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