Dearly beloved, Good humor, good will, and some good, fun music will help us carry on this COVID-19 season. Think you need some medicine? Then, this is the Pandemi❌ you need right now. Just be brave, 🎧➡️come alive, and keep it together. We’ve still got a lot of fight left in us. ’Cause we’re in this together. One 🌎, […]


The San Francisco 49ers are headed to Miami to face the Kansas City Chiefs come Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, Feb. 2 – featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the halftime mark – and that means you the Faithful are, too. You’re gonna need a place to sleep in the Magic City, and you’re also gonna […]


That Badass Female Energy (B. F. E. – get it?) was in the air this year. We saw a handful of powerhouse artists do their thing this summer (🎧➡️ you know the Playlist), and then we saw Madonna. It rained on us the night in May we saw Florence + the Machine. A lot. Traffic was […]