MIAMI 2.20 Playlist Time

America got sold out again yesterday, but there’s a football game on Sunday, and gosh darn golly by golly if America isn’t gonna just pretend like nothing’s wrong.

Again: Best way to get out of an aggro moment? Think of a happier one.

And vote – and support Amy McGrath in her quest to rid Kentucky, the United States of America, and kind of like, the entire planet of that motherfucker Mitch McConnell. At least, now, we all see him and know who and what he really is.

End of the day, impeachment is forever.  

For now, 🎧➡️we dance.

Because we still can.

While we still can.

  1. DI MI NOMBRE (Cap. 8: Éxtasis)
  2. Human Being
  3. Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix)
  4. DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love
  5. Me Gusta
  6. The Tide Is High
  7. Scuse Me
  8. Watermelon Sugar
  9. Higher
  10. I Don’t Search I Find (Honey Dijon Remix)
  11. I Feel Love (12” Version)
  12. I Hate Golf / Mock the Poor
  13. It Might Be Time
  14. Juro Que
  15. Phone
  16. Put a Record On (Extended Mix)
  17. Dreams
  18. Give Me Everything
  19. Let’s Get Loud
  20. Rapture
  21. She Wolf
  22. Underdog
  23. Dance Again
  24. Lights Up
  25. Lost in Yesterday
  26. Love in This Club
  27. MALAMENTE (Cap. 1: Augurio)
  28. Worship
  29. I Rise (Tracy Young’s Grammy-winning-now Pride Intro Radio Remix)
  30. Limitless

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