Her Feroshcity

I’m loath to bring her up again (no, I really am not), but you know Madame X…ahem…Madonna? She recently got to collaborate with another lady from Miami who’s killing it right now: American DJ/producer Tracy Young.

As you may or may not know, Miami’s favorite DJ has a long history with the Queen of Pop, one that goes back to the ’90s, when M made South Beach her playground; and travels through a night of DJing at her wedding to Guy Ritchie at a castle in Scotland at the turn of the 21st century; and spans many more trailblazing accomplishments, as well as many, many Madonna remixes (14! and counting!), including “I Rise (Tracy Young’s Pride Intro Radio Remix).” This collab represents Madame X’s sole nomination at the 2020 Grammy Awards, so we’ll see if it leads to gold on Jan. 26, when the Grammys are held, but it’s already a rather significant one. Historical, even.

This nomination in the Best Remixed Recording category also stands as the first-ever bestowed upon a woman, and Young, an out champion of the queer community, is proud to be the one representin’ and “breaking the #grammy glass ceiling.”

Give it up for Tracy motherfuckin’ Young, people. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

I so hope she wins. Her energy only has enriched the Madame X experience for me, from the “I Rise” remixes of the summer and summers to come to the “Crave” moment during Madonna’s ongoing “Madame X Tour,” when she sings the song to the tune of the spinmistress’ remix. Not to mention my U.S. experience. It was always fun to write about her and her work because she always took the time to do the dance with me.

Good for Her Feroshcity. Always. Brava!

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