The Pachamoment Playlist

#Pachamoment, @themartinharo/Instagram
#Pachamoment #WolfMoonLunarEclipse PST. San Francisco, 1.10.20

Please, please, please, give peace a chance.

The impeached orange hemorrhoid of a president with whom we find ourselves stuck at the edge of the end of the world (or democracy – whichever tumbles first, I’m sure, his master would be pleased), is not America. He is not America, and we do not want war. We do not want war.

The guy’s a moron. He told reporters, on camera, that the Ukrainian airplane with 176 people on board that crashed near Tehran shortly after taking off, this after it was shot down and off of sky in Iran a couple of days ago, was flying – no joke – in a pretty rough neighborhood. And that is a quote.


He is not America. We do not want war.

We have more pressing problems at hand. An entire continent is on fire. Perhaps, you can help. One 🌏, one ❤️.

Kay pacha’s the only we got.

Now enjoy this 🎧➡️ Pachamoment.

  1. Love song
  2. Bartender
  3. Champagne
  4. Future
  5. Dance Hall
  6. Dancefall Reggae
  8. Canción de Amor
  9. El Rap del Chicle Choncholí
  10. Sube No Más
  11. X-Static Process
  12. XO
  13. Tierra Sur
  14. Llaman a la Puerta
  15. Canto a los Santos
  16. Imagine (Re-Invention Tour/2004)

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