The Thing About Camila Cabello

The thing about Camila Cabello is I like her just fine, except when she’s co-opting “Llaman a la Puerta” from Peruvian-reggae pioneers Pochi Marambio y Tierra Sur for her reductive new single, “My Oh My,” featuring DaBaby, and giving zero credit for it.

Don’t believe me? Have a listen.

The OG:

The entitled version:

I’m not saying girlfriend’s a cheat, and there is no need to cancel her. You win some (honoring her father during the Grammys this year, dedicating her performance to him…live…on national TV…and allowing the country to see another face of fatherhood, the face of un padre de familia who loves his daughter just like any ol’ dad, was awesome), you lose some.

But on the topic of “My Oh My,” I will be calling on la puerta demanding justice, nay, some respect for Pochi Marambio and Tierra Sur.

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