The Hartbreak3rs Collective

Heartbreakers is on, you guys.

Talk about a pre-9/11 movie – a comedy, no less – that’s held up good.

It is so good.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is riding her first big wave. OMG, she was on the cover of the first Teen People three years prior – she was the wave!

Two years after Galaxy Quest, Sigourney Weaver’s killing it in another cult laugher in the making that was kind of a sleeper hit when it came out in the spring of 2001, in late March, during that year’s Oscars’ afterglow. Come the following winter, Gene Hackman’s winning a Golden Globe for his turn in another 2001 gem, The Royal Tenenbaums – an award I like to think Heartbreakers helped earn him.

There’s a Russian con-artist angle to this mother-daughter grifter romp – wigs! – set in Palm Beach, at the Breakers, because Mar-a-Lago probably was much too tacky (I used to live in Miami – I can say that, OK). There’s styling in it that literally chronicled how hot Kim Kardashian would serve looks during one of her most recent trips to Miami Beach. Sarah Silverman’s in it, yet another late-’90s Florida-set comedy that hit for her; she also was in There’s Something About Mary – mmm, maybe, there’s something there…). Ditto Nora Dunn. And Kevin Nealon and Carrie Fisher. And Anne Bancroft.

There’s a musical number.

I mean, you don’t know how lucky you’ll feel after spending time with the Heartbreakers. Trust. There’s simply that much of an ease to this one. And because this cast warrants it, on this particular new year’s evening, I wish you good lighting always, as well as the following, on a star.

Heartbreakers > I Know What You Did Last Summer > Great Expectations (1998) > The Royal Tenenbaums > Alien

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