The Channing Tatum Moment

Oh, what a time it was.

Back during the Movie Martin day, I interviewed a then-breaking big Channing Tatum at the Loews Miami Beach, one sunny, humid Friday afternoon, when he was in town meeting with press on behalf of Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike. So this was summertime, 2012.

I had gotten into the magazine game 10 years earlier, first writing movies reviews (then cover stories) and doing other editorial work at Wire Magazine on South Beach, then writing at large for Miami Living, and then stringin’ for Us Weekly (all the while contributing reports to E! Online’s Ted Casablanca), so even though I did not have an assignment, I somehow ended up talking to Tatum (and one of his co-stars, Joe Manganiello). On cam. Don’t ask my why. The opportunity was offered, so I took it.

It was a fun, heady time (hello, you wanna talk to Channing Tatum about Magic Mike?!), but looking back on it, I had not business doing an on-cam with a Hollywood heartthrob.

The nerve.

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