Postcard Québécoise

Max Streicher's Fin de partie (Nagg et Nell) in Vieux-Québec, Martin Haro
Vieux-Québec, 6.19.19

Québec’s public-art activations, such as Max Streicher’s tucked-away-in-Vieux-Québec “Fin de partie (Nagg et Nell),” are lovely finds for those who aren’t searching.

Quite the dichotomous dance between freedom of expression and oppression this one, eh?

It is so pretty around this village town. Everywhere you look there’s a flower box. It’s summer; a rainy night welcomed us, we woke up to sun and warmth, and it’s been warm and sunny since. It’s downright…East Coast-y. You can get a whiff of the tropics up here. In winter, I hear, it can get down to a mind-boggling minus 40. I’m sure it’s a winter wonderland. For a bit.

Ergo the flowers. Flowers, flowers everywhere. Of every color and in every combo.

They really appreciate the joy of the season here. And nature. And one another. Ergo the public art.

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