Free Your Mind

Le Drague, Martin Haro
‘The Lion King’ x Le Drague. Québec, 7.19.19

The rest will follow.

So I went out last night.

Well, first, I met legendary San Francisco drag queen Heklina during the day and then, later, I went out.

For real. But not really.

Last summer we went on holiday, to Canada, and for my yesterday, my mind, well…it can take me anywhere in the world I’ve been, you see – and last night, I went to Le Drague, this funky cabaret club we discovered in Québec last year.

The doctors have prescribed self-isolation this pandemic moment, but that doesn’t mean that our minds should be trapped at home.

So I closed my eyes and tried to remember what l’air québecois smelled like last July, and what my drink tasted like (hello, I’m drunk – that cosmo was lit), and all that I possibly could about this absolutely bonkers and 100 percent serious reinterpretation of The Lion King, of all things, that the performers put on for our entertainment one night last summer.

I guess I have been thinking about the circle of life as of late….

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