The G4laxy Quest Collective

It must be the Sigourney Weaver-ness of it all.

Galaxy Quest, which featured the actress, came out 20 years ago this Christmas. Took me two decades to check it out.

SF Sketchfest is celebrating another of the cult laugher’s stars, Tony Shalhoub, in conversation with Kevin Pollak early in the new year, on Jan. 11 at the Castro. OMG – Rainn Wilson is in this? And Sam Rockwell, too? I met Missi Pyle in New York once, off the clock; she wasn’t on a red carpet working, I wasn’t asking her silly questions for work. We were at some casual dinner-and-drinks place (where were we…?), each with our own party, and I broke the rule to fan out for a sec and was totally uncool and went over to her to s l i d e her a hand-written note complimenting her on Big Fish, so this was a while ago.

What a dork.

OK, Ms. Weaver is cutting a ribbon.

And they’re in it now.

Galaxy Quest > Die Hard > The Artist > Moon > The Santa Clause

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