If I had one wish, it would be impeach and remove, but let’s def impeach Donald Trump, and let him deal with the consequences of his actions, for a change, OK. Blaze new trail, America, you go. Remind the world why this country was chosen as the home of Lady Liberty.

Look, personal feelings aside, this man’s corrosive and corrupt, allegedly and IRL. He has gots to go, so, kids…come next Election Day (and that’s Nov. 3, 2020), vote and help to strengthen our democracy.

Every single day he creates a new crisis to deflect from whatever the lowlifes, be they related or acquainted, in his racist, anti-Semitic, sexist theocratic fascist regime are up to while the charade plays out (yo, lil’ Trumps – how is don’t-steal-from-charities school going?), and we have all seen and heard him admit his many high (and low) crimes and misdemeanors and boast about his offenses, and we have seen his Twitter. It’s nuts.

We know he has interfered in inquiries and investigations into his dealings, along the way attempting to dismantle the free press and always undermining anyone who knows…som’in’, anything that he didn’t spew first or that could come back to bite him in the considerable ass. Urgh, he is the worst. But this isn’t about his personality. It doesn’t help matters, the man is rotten, but whaddya gonna do. That’s that, and nothing’s gonna change that situation.

The two drafted articles of impeachment are very simple to understand: Our so-called president (Hillary Clinton won the popular vote…and he cheated to “win”!) is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

End of the day, this isn’t about undoing 2016. Anyone who peddles that line probably really does still believe in magic and, I dunno, time travel or some shit. Like, shut up. Relax, and shut up.

This is about abuse of presidential power (keep your eyes on Stephen Miller, people; he lives for pushing that envelope), and, in particular, about the dealings the orange hemorrhoid at the White House had with foreign powers and how he has twisted those international relationships – for which actual people of service have worked and bled – to turn them to his advantage and that of whomever is his Darth Sidious. At some point, this dangerous con man must face the music. It’s been all about him every day for three years, and about his gain, and about the crazy conservative agenda operating behind him getting to do so; this has gone on long enough.

This is about that and about his repeated, oft-on-camera or tweeted provocations and threats and obstructions of justice and of Congress. Yes, because he is who is, all the other serious allegations on-the-presidential-record matter. But ultimately, this impeachment is about free and fair elections in the United States of America. He’s not the kid who cried wolf, he’s the kid who let in the wolf and killed and maimed to keep it happy.

We all know what happened. What’s been happening. How this wannabe dictator – he basically has been campaigning and running his mouth and golfing, at our expense, since the next Wednesday morning – got to sell us out and will do it again and again, unless he is checked.

This impeachment is about what’s right, and we all know that Donald Trump is not right.

Don’t be a little bitch, Mitch McConnell, and do the right thing, for once.

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