Time to Eat, #SanFrancisco!

San Francisco Restaurant Week is almost here, so mark your calendars for Jan. 22-31, #SanFrancisco, and find out which of your favorite spots is among the 130 restaurants participating in this showcase this year.

I see you, Absinthe…. Imma try you, Cafe Zoetrope.

Presented by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, #SFRW is a great, fun, go-out opportunity for locals and tourists alike to discover all the deliciousness that the 7×7 has to offer in the form of special prix-fixe menus (which can be found online, for your making-reservations convenience) that tease and invite and, more importantly, celebrate the local culinary scene.

This year, Restaurant Week will feature two-course lunches for $15.15 (or $25.25 for 2+ courses) and three-course dinners for $40.40 (or $65.65 for 3+ courses).

FYI: 1 percent of SFRW menu sales will be donated to fund healthy soil projects through Restore California, a partnership between the State of California and Zero Foodprint, a non-profit organization that works with restaurants worldwide that are responsibly committed to fighting climate change.

“[We are] delighted to be partnering with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association to build momentum for our Restore California program, which supports farmers’ healthy-soil projects around the state,” says Karen Leibowitz, executive director of Zero Foodprint, in a statement. “By adding just 1 percent to Restaurant Week menus, the Bay Area food world is helping to build a renewable food system rooted in healthy soil. New science shows that healthy soil not only produces better food, but also improves climate resilience and even reduces greenhouse gas levels.”

Eating out, hanging out on the town…seeing what the community’s serving and doing a little good? What could be better.

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