The Thing About Pete Davidson

The thing about Pete Davidson is his new Netflix special, Alive from New York, made me wish the streamer’s rating system would include an “It’s OK” button.

Like, I thought that the special was fine, but also that it found its legs only toward the end, when the SNL-er’s stories got more deeply personal and as he served some tea on Ariana Grande or reminded everyone about his sad connection to the first majorly defining American event of the 21st century. So, yeah…ultimately, I thought the darn thing was…OK, OK. No more, no less.

At the very least, an “It’s OK” button would let Davidson – a young someone whose entire act is predicated on the post-9/11 ethos and the mental-health effects of the digital revolution – know that it is OK, dude. Like, you did it – you got a Netflix special that will be seen by many worldwide, and that is wonderful, and it is OK, and you are gonna be OK. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

“It’s OK” allows room for more nuance when time comes to decide whether to cancel something or give it another chance – another season – to develop further. Something like it would encourage viewers away either-or choices, from the polarized mentality that is plaguing the culture, and lead them back to critical thinking.

All social media ought to be striving to achieve that improvement.

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