Happy Super Tuesday, America!

Now vote.

You make sure you vote now. Democracy is very much at stake (still…in America, in 2020 – I know…crazy, right?), so everything is at stake. Turn it out, kids, and strengthen the shit up.

Twitter better be abuzz with voting stories today.

Vote. If the count you they cannot deny you.

Mi gente, involúcrence y vayan a votar. Nosotros somos el cambio. Si tienen el derecho de votar en los Estados Unidos, no lo desperdicien. Voten pa’ que no los boten.

You gotta vote. If you can vote, it is your duty and it is (still) your right. It is still your right to have a say, cast a vote, and put in a temporary position of power someone who values you and your community and who is least likely to abuse that power for their own personal gain. Vote, and be glad that they haven’t yet figured out that they could fine ya for not voting (like they do in Peru, where voting is mandatory, M-N-D-A-tory) and make money like that, OK.

Vote, and show your disenfranchised neighbors that there is nothing to fear come Election Day, which, again, is set for this Nov. 3.

Vote in your best interest. Vote your conviction (I would, if I could). That’s ultimately all that matters.

Your time is right now. Today. So vote.

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