The Thing About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

You guys! Seventeen tumultuous, romantic, and engaging seasons in and Shonda Rhimes’ enduring network-TV hit, Grey’s Anatomy, still’s got it going on.

Y’all watched last week’s two-hour COVID-centric season premiere, right?

I mean!

Not gonna front, I was all giddy and choke-up from the big surprise, ’cause not only had the powers that be pulled off a monumental, amazing task, for our/my entertainment, seeing that which we all saw brought up 16 years of feelings and memories, indeed. And it was a joy…McTV as its best. (Glad I stayed up for the second hour, which took my 16-years-older self by surprise.)

I can see how Grey’s Anatomy could pull a post-9/11 Friends and win a Best Drama Emmy – at long last! – at the end of this particular 2020 road Ellen Pompeo & Co. have taken. It’s time.

Nobody knows where we might end up, after all. Nobody knows.

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