Headed Our Way

If ever there was a week to veg and keep it chill, this is the one, America.

Our collective COVID-19 numbers are out of hand, so, as you can appreciate, it is ultimately the nurses and doctors and frontline workers – the ones for whom the pots and pans once banged (remember that sense of community and tap into it) – the ones, indeed, who ultimately end up absorbing the true cost of our unnecessary movements and travels. How many of our people have to die for it to click?

Chaos Walking. Let’s let that be only the title of an upcoming sci-fi movie and not a description of our stubborn behaviors this (ongoing!) pandemic season.

For serious now, Chaos Walking is the title of a new futu-naturalistic post-dystopia sci-fi love story in which Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley crash-lands (yeah, from space) on a male-dominated wilderness (the women are dead), where she meets Tom Holland, a.k.a. Marvel’s Spider-Man. Looks like your standard meet-cute, except for the part where his every thought is apparent and audible to her and everyone around him (well that explains the no-women thing). As the patriarch of his bunch, Casino Royale’s Mads Mikkelsen is not into their connection, especially because he and his, including Nick Jonas (Chopra), haven’t been entirely honest about this thing, this ability called “the Noise” with Holland.

This one’s based on The Knife of Never Letting Go – the first in a best-selling trilogy of novels by Patrick Ness, who adapted for the screen with Christopher Ford – and directed by Doug Liman, so you know it’s a whole world (something else is also out there). Academy Award nominees Cynthia Erivo, Demián Bichir, and David Oyelowo co-star. Check out the trailer now:

Coming soon (real soon)

Eagerly anticipated, from what I’m understanding reading about it now, Chaos Walking is still coming soon. But it must be a-comin’ real soon, if I’m hearing about it. Ha. (Hope so, anyway, as I shall welcome the chance to see what Ridley and Holland can do outside of the big worlds they have been living in on screen half their young careers.)

I’m catching off-the-moment-global-event-streaming-release vibes off of this one. Perfect for the holidays, for which we all should make the conscious effort to stay home and save lives.

Better we nip this COVID thing in the bud, already, lest we wanna be doing no better this time next year.

Fork that noise.

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