The Eddie Murphy Collective

I mean I knew about Eddie Murphy, but I didn’t know my Eddie Murphy….

Murphy came onto the scene a month and 48 Hrs. after I did back in 1982, you see, so it wasn’t until 1996, the year that also gave us his Nutty Professor remake, that I like, hopped onto the Eddie Murphy train.

I had heard he’d been a Beverly Hills Cop, but what can I tell ya: Dude is Donkey. And before that, he was Doctor Dolittle.

He’s also a great character actor, and one of the last great American movie stars, so here we go. ’Cause 30 years after the first one, Coming 2 America is premiering on Amazon Prime Video on March 5.

But first:

Coming to America > Dolemite Is My Name > Dreamgirls > 48 Hrs. > Vampire in Brooklyn

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