Drop Everything: Adele Is Back

Photo: Adele.com.
Adele is back. Get vaxxed so we can go see her in stadiums, people! Photo: Adele.com.

Time goes by and we get older (I’m getting older, too), and then, sometimes, we get Adele – and the entire world listens to some poetry for a while.

Today, ’bout six years after she turned a musical 25, we got some more. And let’s face it, we all wanted more.

Indeed, Adele is back with “Easy on Me,” the first single off her upcoming fourth studio album, 30, set to drop on Nov. 19. Check out the video now.

Now! I’ll wait.

Holy. Moly.

Does Adele have my address? How does she know where we live? How does she hit home time after time? And what…is goin’ on with these “Someone Like You” vibes (it’s the hint of appoggiatura for me).

I feel like this is a song about coming into one’s own a bit, because the lyrics are heavy with stock taken. And my goodness, for someone like her to sing, to plead, “Go easy on me,” at this point in time, well…yes. Fuck yes!

Whomever the Grammy winner is addressing, it is we who are gonna be singin’ this one to each other, around one another. (OMG, everyone get vaccinated, already, so we can go sing with Adele at Levi’s Stadium! What could be better?) And then, it’ll become that much simpler for us to say “Go easy on me” and to go easier on everybody else.

Video-wise, this is such a spiritual sequel to “Hello,” the lead single off 25, the visual for which filmmaker Xavier Dolan helmed. (You might have seen Matthew McConaughey sending it up to great comedic effect, when he hosted the Thanksgiving ep of TV’s Saturday Night Live all those years ago.) A sequel, a bookend….

30 is expected to be Adele’s 🐰divorce🐰 record, as well as a collection of songs for her kid, whom she is raising with her now-ex. When you think about it (and I just did), “Easy on Me” is kinda like, the power ballad for the consciously uncoupling, but also, and more massively important than that, it is the hopeful torch song that will carry each and every single one of us listening into the unknown stronger, more self-aware, and that much kinder not only toward others but toward ourselves.

Unless the next single is a barn-burner. OMGwyneth, can you fathom what that will sound like.

Adele is back!

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